Saturday, September 8, 2018

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Aadhar Enrollment Center Project in Assam and North East
(Aadhar Enrollment Center) in all India as per MOTHER Company Guidelines
Which contains?
Project we have mentioned below:
Aadhar Enrollment Project,
Aadhar Demography,
Aadhar Enrollment Project Payout if installed in any Bank then
Operator/Supervisor will get Salary of Rs.17,000/- per month
Minimum registration per month should be 600 No.’s
Registration fees per center will be Non Refundable
Salary will be release within 30 days.
Aadhar Enrollment Project Payout basis
Aadhar enrollment of Rs.13/- inclusive taxes on less than 20 enrollments per day or less than 600 monthly basis
Aadhar enrollment of Rs.18/- inclusive taxes on 45 enrollments per day or 1350 monthly basis
Aadhar enrollment of Rs.20/- inclusive taxes on 65 enrollments per day or 1950 monthly basis
Aadhar enrollment of Rs.23/- inclusive taxes on 100 enrollments per day or 3000 monthly basis
Aadhar enrollment of Rs.25/- inclusive taxes on 120 enrollments per day or 3600 monthly basis
Aadhar enrollment of Rs.28/- inclusive taxes on 150 enrollments per day or 4500 monthly basis
Aadhar enrollment of Rs.33/- inclusive taxes on 200 enrollments per day or 6000 monthly basis
Aadhar enrollment of Rs.39/- inclusive taxes on 300 enrollments per day or 9000 monthly basis

Payment on Aadhar generation can raise for bill with payment will be release back to back
Registration fees per center will be 
Festival offers
Minimum registration per month should be NIL no Targets
Target is on Payout basis only
Share your data on our mail id:  
One Cancel cheque Scan Copy 300 dpi
One PAN Card Color Scan Copy 300 dpi
Form in Excel sheet
Certificate of Operator/Supervisor Scan Copy (Color)
Passport Size Color Photo
Scan Copy in Color, Straight & 300 dpi
Payment will be back to back on Aadhar generation for Aadhar Enrollment.
We will issue permission letter after before on-boarding of KIT at center (Condition applied)
Parameters for rejection & termination of Center are as under:
Block wise addresses of Bank/s as well as Private premises you can work.
Center should be on their private premises only under the allocation of DC.
It’s compulsory to make 1 center.
First all online transaction should be complete to start Aadhar enrollment then permission letter will be issued along with Aadhar Demography & eKyc Project.
With this project we will provide ONE Aadhar kit which consists of Aadhar Bio-metric device, iris & permission letter from DC/Bank manager with technical support 24x7 with relevant document to work without creating any problem by related official.

93/94, 2nd Floor, Ram-Maruti 
Building, Beside Ichapurti 
Ganesh Mandir, Near Katraj, 
Ambegaon Budruk, Katraj, 
Pune 411046
Mail id:     
Mobile: 8510026685, 7291018038

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Unknown said...

Jeevan Saikia from Dibrugarh Assam
I’m interested on your project
Aadhar Enrollment Center in Dibrugarh Assam
I have many friends want to join what documents
Are required please mail all my details
I’m a certified certificate for Aadhar Enrollment
My mail id:
Mobile: 9355186685